You just stink, don't sit near me.

Updated: Jan 7

We do not have to sit in a public building and breathe someone else's toxic waste anymore. That is a total bonus.

When you smoke you smell bad
Smoking stinks

Do smokers really think we cannot smell them?

I am surprised at how many people will go outside, right outside the building by the way, smoke and then come back in, not even realizing how awful they smell.

It is really gross, to be honest with you. They smell bad, disgusting, almost to the point of gagging people, yet it does not seem to bother them at all.

If I stank, it would bother me. I don't like to smell bad, I shower in the morning, put on deodorant, maybe a small dab of perfume. I wear clean clothes, clean my house, all so I don't smell bad.

smoking makes you smell bad
You smell bad

These are things that smokers do too, most people do these rituals. Most people like to smell good, and not to be noticed for being stinky.

So, it seems that they have no clue or don't care. Why bother to shower etc. They just cover themselves in smoke anyway?

Smokers, maybe you don't realize it, but you really do smell bad, we know you smoke even if you didn't smoke in front of us, we try not to go too close. Don't kid yourself any longer, because I am here to tell you...You smell bad!!!! You stink!!!

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