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Traveling with a drunk sock monkey. #onthebarfly Episode 2

First off, the clown was the one on a unicycle. I was sitting at a bar in Sydney, Australia. I was also sitting there with my husband and Stan, the Sock Monkey.

While we sat there, taking pictures of our monkey on the bar and enjoying a beer, I got up and left the bar.....

My husband viewed me leaving the bar and said, "There is a clown on a unicycle." A few moments later, I flew back in, grabbed the monkey, and stated I would be right back. The bartender looked at my husband in question, but my husband was not fazed and just shrugged, "That is kinda normal for her."

I had made a deal with the anti-fracking clown.

I ran after him when I saw him pass the bar window. I had met up just a short way as he sat down to rest. I can understand that riding a unicycle while spreading the word about fracking can be exhausting.

I lucky am I that I did not have to chase him very far? I asked him if he would mind taking a picture with my sock monkey. He said sure, but... There was a catch, he posed with a sock monkey owned by some crazy non-Australian lady that just run out of a bar, and I listened to his spiel about fracking. (click here if you don't know what fracking is). He gave me some information, and he posed with the monkey.

I returned to the bar with my monkey and phone, sat down, and finished my beer.