Restroom, washroom, bathroom? Just clean it

Updated: Jan 7

Restaurants and bars should clean their bathrooms
A clean bathroom says a lot

I know it is an issue that maybe only throws me in the deep end, but omg!

There are somethings that you just cannot compromise.

I go into a place, I eat, I drink...I have to pee!

I pay for all of it and when I do I expect a nice, functional, clean bathroom.

Now I am a lady (most of the time..no promises) and I use the "Ladies room" I have to sit...wipe...wash...dry.

There should be some effort in making the "Ladies room" a pretty place, and a nice place...HER place.

We don't need a bunch of flowers, grossly fragrant perfumes, or lace toilet seat covers. It would be nice though to walk into a bathroom that is clean, warm and not so strangely laid out that you want to run screaming.

It may be the last thing on the list to make presentable but it happens to be important to me, it shows that you cared enough to serve me beer and know where I will need to go right after.

In our reviews you will notice that there is a place for me to judge and rant about the bathrooms.....and I will!

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