Friday, December 10, 2010

The WORKS - gourmet burger bistro

326 Richmond Road
Ottawa, Ontario

You want burgers? You want a gourmet burger with everything you can imagine? This is the place for you, with great sides and a menu that is a bit overwhelming.

While you wait for your masterpiece enjoy a pint and the atmosphere. The decor is that of a garage gone sports bar.

The food was awesome and is something you just need to experience on your own. It is a personal pleasure that only you can describe.

A fun and welcoming place with many smiling people. They do not apologize for the 20 min wait for the best burger, and honestly did not notice anyway.

Food: I had the B.A.B burger with cheddar. tomato, onion and a special garlic sauce that I could taste for hours. It was just right.

Drinks: A beer just before dinner =Steamwhistle Pilsner and Big Rock Lime Lager

Cleanliness: Very well kept

Hick meter: a mixture, everyone loves a great hamburger

Attitude: Lovely

Bathroom: Didn't use it, which is odd, will going back

Bonus: they have 7 locations in the Ottawa area

Complaints: mustard does not go with the garlic sauce which I added myself..oops

Online presence:

The WORKS Westboro on Urbanspoon

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