Friday, November 19, 2010

The Clock Tower Brew Pub

575 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario

It is awesome when a place has their own beer, when you discover something new. The menu was a treat to dive into, with its great beer selection and tempting dishes.

The decor is 'pub' all the way with the half keg lamps over the bar to the pictures on the wall. Many different people watching involved, to family all the way to bar fly.

We arrived starving and unfortunately had a moment where we regretted the choice of the sit down relaxing experience. We almost bolted to the nearest fast food joint because the waitress, as pleasant as she was, did not give us starving people the attention we so needed.
We liked it here non the less and enjoyed a couple of speciality brews and the split the special of the day.

Food: We ordered the prime rib dinner and the mashed potatoes are top spud dish supreme. yum!

Drinks: Raspberry brew served with a lime, was great the food. A dark brew for the man as always

Cleanliness: Very well kept

Hick meter: mild to moderate with the occasional odd sighting.

Attitude: frazzle

Bathroom: Damn stairs with a startling mirror at the top, scared myself, could not imagine having a few more beer and seeing that. Great looking bathroom once you make your way down.

Bonus: you can join their birthday club

Complaints: we always love a good time and want to feel special, this was not the case.

Online presence: they have a twitter, facebook and even a website, but you are better off searching for them as the links are not well placed or easy to get to.

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