Monday, April 12, 2010

Erin's Isle

4 Beers

Brasher Falls NY

This is the place to stop for a drink. The bar is classy and rich in service and friendly faces. The menu is full of great recipes. Off season (not) freshness was apparent but the bustle of summer dining is soon upon us.

Many 'regulars" around but always an inviting attitude towards the new people to come across this pub.

There is a very nice dining area and plenty of space for a real treat in dining and fun.

A:  Great fun and friendly people made us feel welcome. The menu was great and food was a hit or miss.

F: Prices were reasonable and seemed like a fun bar.

Hickmeter: mixed into the blend
Attitude: at ease
Cleanliness: sure
Bathroom: clean and easy to get to
Bonuses: friendly

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